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Granite Countertops are popular for their Natural Beauty and Unique Characteristics.

Not one Granite Countertop is the same, and that's what makes it special.  

Things to know about Granite:

Granite is All-Natural 

Granite countertops are yielded from the ground, formed by nature.  If beauty is what's important to you, Granite is your best option.  Though Quartz sometimes tries to mimic the randomness of Granite, almost always a pattern can be detected in Quartz Surfaces.  

Granite does require Maintenance.

Granite is pourous, meaning it is susceptible to staining and harboring bacteria.

Because of this, Granite requires sealing.  Sealer can last for up to 15 years.

Modern Countertops applies a 10 year seal to all Granite Countertops.

More Questions:   Maintenance  |  FAQs

Modern Countertops has a Warehouse full of Beautiful Granite slabs.  


Call Today and schedule an appointment to take a tour through our Granite Selection.  

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