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The Process for Customers:

Material Selection Modern Countertops Springfield Illinois

step 1

Visit our Showroom during normal business hours, or call and schedule an Apt.


See one of Central Illinois' best selection of in-stock Natural Stone.

• Material / Color

• Edge Profile

• Sink / Faucet Information


Modern Countertops Template Springfield Illinois

 step 2

After your initial meeting,
a Template will be

This process is done via laser measurement.


• Can be scheduled from           8:30-4:00, Monday-Friday.

• Takes between 1-2 hrs.

• Specifications such as Overhang Information and Radius Corners will be discussed at the time of the template.




Modern Countertops Installation Springfield Illinois

step 3

After the Template, an Installation date/time will be scheduled.

When purchasing granite, a slab layout is recommended before the cutting of your stone.

• Installs are performed

10-14 days after the time of the template.

• A standard kitchen takes between 2-3 hrs. for installation.


Search Remnants by name:
Remnants are pieces of Granite/Quartz
left over from previous jobs.
Minimum Depth of 27"

Featured Projects

Unique Projects from 2016 
Image 1 : Crystal Quartzite
Image 2:  Torquay Quartz (Cambria)
Image 3:  Fantasy Brown Suede Granite (w/ bar top)
Image 4:  Copenhagen Granite
image 5:  Fantasy Brown Suede Granite
Image 6:  Fairbourne Quartz (Cambria) / Santa Cecelia Granite (Island)
Image 7:  Giallo Ornamental Granite Kitchen
image 8:  Windemere Quartz (Cambria)
Cristal - Quartzite
Torquay - Quartz
Fantasy Brown Suede - Granite
Copengagen - Granite
Fantasy Brown Suede (2) - Granite
St.Cecilia - Fairbourne
St.Cecilia - Granite
Windemere - Cambria
Modern Countertops Granite Wallpaper

There are many options when purchasing new stone countertops:

Material   Color   Edge Profile   Overhang   Radius Size   Sink   Faucet


You will have questions.

Take a look at our notes on how to maintain and use your surface.  View other commonly asked questions about quartz, granite and our process.

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