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Installation Our Craftmanship Displayed

Installation happens 2 - 3 weeks after the Template Date.

All of Modern Countertop's Installers have been certified at Cambria's school for Installation (the most reknown Quartz company in the United States).  Modern Countertops emphasises professionalism and precision in the field.


How Long does a Template take? 


Bathroom Vanity:  .5 - 1 hr


Small Kitchen (No Seam):  1 - 2 hrs


Large Kitchen (Seams):  2 - 3 hrs


Entire Home (Bathroom/Kitchens):  > 3 hrs



Bar Top
Create more Countertop Space
Flawless  Seams

Extend your Bar Top  (Overhangs of 12" and more)

Granite can have 10" overhangs without bracket support.

Quartz can have an overhang a third of the overall width.

(e.g: a 36" width top can have a 12" overhang without bracket support)

Pictured: A Granite Bar Top with a 12" overhang.

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