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Templating A measurement of your countertops

Templating is done to ensure accurate measuring of countertops.

After a customers initial appointment, a template is scheduled.  Modern Countertops asks that customers be present at the time of the template to verify all information regarding their countertops.



Laser Template Measuring Modern Countertops Springfield Illinois

Laser Templating = Accuracy

Modern Countertops uses only the most efficient and state-of-the-art equipment to create their end product.


Measuring is done with a laser attached to a tripod. The laser interacts with software specific for templating countertops. There is no better measuring device on the market.

Things to verify and sign off on:

Quartz, Granite, or Marble? This is generally selected on customers initial meeting.

Customers will review Edges at their initial meeting.

How much do you want your countertops to overhang off the cabinets? (Standard Overhang is 1.25")   Bar Top Overhangs  tend to be much larger.

How sharp of an angle do you want on your corners? The certified templator will go over samples with the customer. (Standard Radius is 1/8")

Information we need from the customer:

If Modern Countertops IS NOT providing the sink, the Templator will need to take the sink from the home.  View Promotional Sinks

Sink Info
Faucet Info

It is helpful to have the faucet purchased before the template.  Modern Countertops will record the make and model no.

Range Info

The Templator will record the range's make and model.  It is especially important to gather this information for slide-in and cooktop ranges.

Customer Need to Know
How Long does a Template take? 


Bathroom Vanity (Existing Countertop):  1hr


Bathroom Vanity (New Construction):  30 - 45 mins


Large Kitchen (Existing Countertops):  2 - 3 hrs


Large Kitchen (New Construction):  1-2 hrs



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